Les Mets Et Les Mots


Les Mets Et Les Mots is a charming restaurant on rue du Pont.

Les Mets Et Les Mots

Evelyn Bergeon opened her restaurant last year.  She is open Thursday to Sunday non-stop from noon to 9pm.  

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There are few restaurants in France that are open Sunday and Monday evening. 


So we are happy to let you know that Evelyn will warmly welcome you from Thursday to Monday!


Evelyn’s cuisine is simple French cooking with delicious desserts.  The servings are very generous. Tapas is available all day. The wine list is extensive for a small restaurant.                


The restaurant interior is charming and welcoming. In warm weather you can sit outside and enjoy your meal.                                         


Thoughts of food. My sister told me about black garlic aioli, so I had to try making it.  It is similar to normal aioli, except use black garlic, olive oil, sea salt, egg and a touch of lemon juice. The first time I made it Byron and I tried it on everything at dinner.  Delicious! In France you can purchase black garlic at Grand Frais beside the onions, shallots and garlic. I am now having fun trying all sorts of ways to use black garlic.